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Dining Rights

Entitlements for current Fellows and Fellow Commoners are as follows:

EventCurrent FellowsCurrent Fellow Commoners
Lunch AllowanceNo limitNo limit
Dinner AllowanceNo limitNo limit - only 4 Fellowship Nights per term.
Max No Free Meals7 per week7 per week
Max No Guests

No limit - 8 per year free. In addition Fellows' partners may dine free of charge on Thursday evenings.

(See notes below regarding entertainment of College guests for academic purposes, e.g. DoSes wishing to entertain prospective supervisors or admissions interviewers.)

8 per term - 8 free per year.

(See notes below regarding entertainment of College guests for academic purposes.)

Guest Nights - Michaelmas & Lent Terms

£47.85 +VAT, additional charge for wine, the same charges are made for guests.

(N.B. High Table Guest Nights are outside the normal rules for dining, however, from Michaelmas 2017 and on a trial basis for two years, Fellows may use part of their weekly meal allowance and pay the cost difference between a High Table meal and a Guest Night. They may also subsidise the cost of any guests attending by using their entitlement to free guests on a similar basis. Under this scheme the costs will be: £20.35 +VAT for Fellows, £20.35 +VAT for guests taken from a Fellow's entitlement or £47.85 +VAT for guests beyond a Fellow's entitlement. Wines will continue to be charged separately.)

Charges as for Current Fellows.
FeastsFree for Fellows and their guests.Free for Fellows and their guests.
WinesNo charge for wines on Fellowship nights. Thursday nights: where Fellows are dining with their partners wines are free for them and their partners. Other nights: charged for all wines.Charged for all wines before, with and after dinner, except on Fellowship nights.


  • Fellowship nights are Tuesday evenings during University Term and extend during the Research Term until the Tuesday before the last congregation of the Regent House (usually mid July) and are resumed with the Dinner for Retiring Fellows (usually the Tuesday before the start of University Term).
  • There is provision to entertain College guests for academic purposes: e.g. should a Dos want to entertain an academic guest, such as a prospective supervisor or an admissions interviewer, they may do so with the prior approval of the Senior Tutor. Permission should be sought by emailing the Senior Tutor, copied to the Tutorial Registrar, with the name of the lunch guest and the date of the prospective lunch or dinner.
  • The cost of Fellows' attendance at College events such as alumni, development, MCR, JCR, or staff lunches/dinners, etc., will be met by the College and not set against a Fellow's dining rights; however, guests at these events will be charged for.
  • Fellows' attendance at their own reunion as alumni will not be treated as part of their entitlement and such Fellows will be charged for both themselves and any guests.
  • Breakfast can be taken as an alternative to lunch or dinner and will be counted as part of the allowance.
  • The Midsummer Guest Night is open to current Fellows and current Fellow Commoners and is free of charge for both Fellows and their partners.
  • Fellows cancelling a booking for a Michaelmas or Lent Term Guest Night after 6pm on the Tuesday of the week of the event will be charged the nominal food costs for each cancelled ticket.
  • TERMS OF CURRENT HMRC DISPENSATION (2009) - Wine provided with meals on a reasonable scale is covered by this dispensation. (NB HMRC have indicated that a review of this dispensation is imminent, it is an anachronism and likely to be withdrawn.)

A list of current charges for High Table meals, applicable for guests or when allowances are exceeded, can be found here.

A copy of the full table of High Table Dining Rights Categories may be viewed here.

Please contact Sheila Hunter if you have any queries about your current dining right entitlement:

Email: sh609@cam.ac.uk

Who to contact

Heather Kilpatrick

PA to the Master
t: 01223 748711

Sheila Hunter

PA to the Bursar
t: 01223 (3)32531

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