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Party and BBQ Booking Form

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Number, date and time

You will be allocated a room depending on numbers and type of event. If you have a preference for a specific room please use the text box under 'further requirements'. Your request will be taken into consideration but the College does not guarantee to be able to accommodate.


Terms and conditions

Time of booking

Bookings MUST be made at least 2 working days in advance of the event so that all College departments receive sufficient notice. If a request is made less than 48 hours in advance it is highly unlikely you will receive permission. Please bear in mind when making your request that offices are not open on Saturday or Sunday.


College societies, including the JCR and MCR, are normally not charged for the use of College rooms for the conduct of their business.

Bookings on behalf of CU societies and all private parties by College members are charged at £25 per booking and this will go on to the host's College bill. Please provide your College PIN (e.g. 04U111).


  • Private parties are normally only allowed on Friday or Saturday evenings, and are expected to end promptly by 11.00 p.m. and for all guests to have left the site by 11.30 p.m. This is out of consideration for those who need sleep.
  • The host is responsible for the good conduct of guests both at and after the party, for ensuring that rooms used (and where relevant those on adjacent staircases) are cleaned and tidied immediately after the event.
  • Neighbours must be consulted adequately in advance.
  • Permission will not normally be granted for large parties or meetings at which a substantial proportion of those present are not members of the College.
  • Any damage or cleaning costs will be charged to the host's College bill.

The Senior Tutor's permission must be obtained for all parties held by undergraduates in College, St Clement's Gardens, Bishop Bateman Court, Wychfield and Bateman Street. Likewise, the Deputy Tutor for Graduate Students in the appropriate subject's written permission must be obtained for all parties held by graduates at Wychfield, Bateman Street and all other graduate hostels. Please note that permission is not granted until you have been notified by the Tutorial Office. Anyone holding an unauthorised party within the College will be reported to the Senior Tutor or to the appropriate Deputy Tutor for Graduate Students. There is a moratorium on all private parties during the last four weeks of Easter Term as Junior Members undertake Examinations.


Bookings may only be made by members of the College.

Students may only book the Graham Storey Room and the Chetwode Room if a Fellow of the College is present at the event.

The use of candles is strictly prohibited at all times.

Who to contact

Ginny Swepson


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