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Room Booking Form

This form is intended for general room booking requests. For supervisions, please use the Supervision Room Booking system.

Contact details


Event details

Please provide full details of the event (name and nature of society, seminar, meeting, etc)

Will there be any speakers at your event?

Will your event involve any filming on College property? (this includes the use of mobile devices for video recording)

If so, the Domus Tutor will require you to seek written permission, in advance, from the Bursar (email: bursar@trinhall.cam.ac.uk). Evidence of such permission will be required as a condition of booking.

Number, date and time

You will be allocated a room depending on numbers and type of event. If you have a preference for a specific room please use the text box under 'further requirements'. Your request will be taken into consideration but the College does not guarantee to be able to accommodate.


Terms and conditions

Time of booking

All bookings MUST be made at least 3 WORKING DAYS (i.e. NOT including weekends/bank holidays) in advance of the event so that all College departments receive sufficient notice. If a request is made less than 72 hours in advance it is highly unlikely you will receive permission.


College societies, including the JCR and MCR, are normally not charged for the use of College rooms for the conduct of their business.

Bookings on behalf of CU societies or private parties by College members are charged at £25 per booking and they will go on to the host's College bill. Please provide your College PIN (e.g. 04U111).


The host is responsible for providing accurate and complete information to the College about the nature and purpose of the event. The host is also responsible for the good conduct of their guests both at and after the event, and also for ensuring that rooms and, where relevant, staircases, bathrooms and gyp rooms are kept tidy after the event. The host should be the person who signs out the key from the Porters Lodge. Permission will not normally be granted for large parties or meetings at which a substantial proportion of those present are not members of the College. Any damage or cleaning costs will be charged to the host's College bill.

Parties require special permission from the Domus Tutor and Head Porter (and, if at the Wychfield Site, consent from the Senior Porter at Wychfield). Party requests may be made using this online booking form.

PREVENT and Freedom of Speech

Following its legal responsibilities under the Government's PREVENT legislation, the College has adopted a statement on Freedom of Speech. All bookings of rooms in College for whatever purpose, whether made by students or staff of the College, or by people external to the College (via the Conference and Catering Office), are required to conform to the College's PREVENT requirements, including the statement on Freedom of Speech.


Students may only book the Graham Storey Room and the Chetwode Room if a Fellow of the College is present at the event.

All events (except authorised Bops) must finish by 11pm at the latest and clearing up must have finished by 11.30pm at the latest.

Alcohol and food

Alcohol must not be brought in to the college. If you wish to serve any alcohol at your event it must be bought from the Trinity Hall Bar. This should be organised in advance through the Bar Manager Wendy Larner (wl267).

Cooked food should not be brought in from outside to be served at events. For any catering requests please contact the Conference Office.

Alumni and Sponsorship

The Alumni & Development Office should be involved if alumni are invited to an event or if external sponsorship is being sought. Furthermore, societies should not rely on obtaining sponsorship in order for a planned event to take place. Please note that, in the event of any such booking request being approved in principle, the Domus Tutor will require you to contact the Alumni & Development Office as a condition of booking (email: alumnioffice@trinhall.cam.ac.uk or to call in to the A&D office on 'I' Staircase during working hours).

Who to contact

Conference Office

t: 01223 (3)3255

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