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For Students

IT Resources and College Computer Facilities

IT Support

You can submit requests for IT help using the Trinity Hall Service Request System located at http://service.trinhall.cam.ac.uk/

For any information concerning the use of IT within the College (including current network and printing charges) please refer to http://itsupport.trinhall.cam.ac.uk/. Information regarding use of IT within the University can be found at http://www.ucs.cam.ac.uk, the website of University Information Services (Academic & Infrastructure).

Your accounts

Details of the registration process for students can be found here: http://www.ucs.cam.ac.uk/instinfo/accounts/regstudent

Should you forget your password we can now reset it for you, please bring some valid photo ID (Uni card will do), to the IT Dept, Central Site, S5.

The IT Department

The College IT Department comprises the IT Manager, the IT Support Technician, the IT Systems Engineer.

College Network

The College has an internal data network which is connected to the Cambridge University Data Network (CUDN) and the Internet and we are committed to providing a network connection from each student room. The College network can accommodate both wired and wireless connections and is intended primarily for academic use.

Student use of the Trinity Hall Data Network (including the VPN service) is governed by the Trinity Hall Network Policy the latest version of which can be found at:


All connection costs are included in your room rent. Your quota is 32 gigabytes (GB) of data traffic per term (this applies only to data traffic outside the University network); this should be enough to cover all academic usage. Note that this quota currently applies to wired connections only. You will be charged for data traffic beyond your quota at 10p/GB.  These charges are reviewed over the course of the year in relation to our charges from the University. In order to keep your network charges to a minimum we recommend not using peer to peer file sharing software such as Bit Torrent, Kazaa, Limewire, etc. Also, applications such as Skype and Channel 4 On Demand video services and BBC iPlayer can use quite a lot of data traffic. Data traffic sent via VPN is also subject to the same traffic charge.

Network Connections

Your computer must be registered with the College IT Department in order to use the wired network. All student rooms have at least one working wired Ethernet connection.

To initially register your computer you will need your Raven password.  

Just connect your computer up to the network socket (try both if you have a dual socket) with a suitable Ethernet cable (if you don't have one you can get one from the Porter's Lodge or IT Dept S5), open a web browser and you should get prompted to log in via Raven and thereafter a registration page will load.  Once you've completed your registration you will be connected to the network. For more info see: http://itsupport.trinhall.cam.ac.uk/wired-network

The College, Wychfield and Thompson's Lane are covered by the UniOfCamb and Eduroam wireless networks. The Eduroam network requires some configuration of http://www.ucs.cam.ac.uk/wireless/eduroam/localusers your before it can be used. Please see for instructions on getting connected.


It is not permitted to use any computer on the College network that cannot receive critical security updates. For example, computers with Windows software older than Windows 7 are prohibited from being connected to the College network. Likewise, older versions of MacOS are prohibited. It is highly advisable that students have in hand any reinstallation media for any software they have installed on their computer. In case of a fault that requires reinstallation of software, the IT Department will assist with this but cannot provide any software media.

Students must not install any equipment which may interfere with the operation of the network without the express permission of the IT Department. This includes personal wireless network equipment, routers, Apple Time Machine, some storage devices, etc. If you connect such equipment to the network your network access may be suspended until the equipment is removed. If you are unsure if you should connect a piece of equipment to the network please consult the IT Department.

Any abuse of the College or University network is a serious offence and will lead to suspension of IT services in the College as well as possible fines. Your network access will be suspended if your computer is considered to present a security risk to the College network. Your network access will also be suspended if you have connected any equipment which interferes with the normal operation of the network.

Public Terminals and Printing

The College maintains a Computer Room on the top floor of the Jerwood Library. The equipment comprises PC's, Apple Mac's, black/white and colour laser printers and scanners. These are all part of the University Managed Cluster Service, also known as Desktop Services. In Wychfield there is a small Computer Room in Lancelot Fleming House and a larger room at the top of A staircase which are part of the same system. There is a terminal on the ground floor of the Jerwood Library to access the Newton on-line library catalogue system.

In addition to the printers in the Computer Rooms there are black/white laser printers in the Porters' Lodges and Bishop Bateman Court (BBC). All of these printers can be used from your room through the DS-Print system, please see http://www.ucs.cam.ac.uk/desktop-services/ds-print for information. There is a charge for printing to any of these printers of 5p per black/white page and 15p per colour page. These charges are reviewed over the course of the year.

Loan Computers and Loans for Computers

The College maintains a small number of computers for hire to both undergraduate and graduate students.

The Bursary runs a student loan scheme specifically to purchase a computer. It is interest free but must be repaid before the next academic year or prior to graduation. The College gets preferential pricing from a number of vendors and the equipment to be purchased must be approved by the IT Department. Please contact the Bursary for further information.


There is no provision of a telephone service for student rooms. The College recommends the use of mobile telephones or internet telephony such as SipGate, Freewire or Skype. Students using internet telephony applications should be aware of the risk of high data traffic usage.


Back up your data! You, and you alone, are responsible for the maintenance of your computer. If it gets hacked, broken or stolen then your backup can save your academic life. There are CD/DVD writers in the College PWF computers, most computers these days come with CD or DVD writers and it's easy to have a USB memory stick. DS-Filespace, a University backup service is also available, see: http://itsupport.trinhall.cam.ac.uk/computing-facilities/ds-filestore. Don't rely on just one method!

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