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Trinity Hall Photo Competition 2015

Aim of the competition

The primary goal of this competition is to increase the selection of photos available to the College and the Alumni & Development Office for use on the website, social media and in publications. All images will be made available via Flickr with the Creative Commons attribution which will make them available to individuals around the world. We are looking for high-resolution images which may be beautiful, stunning, fascinating, intriguing and amusing.

Who is eligible to enter?

The College competition is open to students, staff and current Fellows (including Fellow Commoners and Research Fellows)


The new deadline for entries is 5pm on Sunday 20th September with judging taking place during Michaelmas Term.


You might consider selecting your image from the following list but please feel free to be creative!

  • Trinity Hall Sports
  • Trinity Hall Music
  • Dining at Trinity Hall
  • Trinity Hall buildings
  • Black and White/Sepia images (encapsulating the spirit of the College)
  • Around the College from your time as a student or Fellow
  • The people of Trinity Hall
  • Images related to your studies or research around Cambridge
  • Life as a Trinity Hall student around Cambridge

In addition, there is a Master’s prize for a short film of 1-3 minutes depicting ‘life at Trinity Hall’. These films might eventually be used on the College website and its social media.


The College Competition for 2014/15

1st Prize – Your image will be featured in a future issue of Front Court, one of our annual publications which is currently mailed out to more than 8000 alumni, past Fellows and Friends of the College. Furthermore, the winning image will be featured on the College website and on its social media including Flickr.

Additionally, the winning photographer will be offered a contract by Getty Images who will license the image on their website with a share of the licensing revenue due to the winner whenever the image is licensed or sold. Finally, Getty Images are offering the winner an opportunity for further submissions of their photos of various subjects.

There will also be a 2nd Prize and 3rd Prize awarded at the discretion of the judging panel.

The Master’s Video prize - £100

The winning photographs (and video) will feature on the College website, social media, the screen in the Porters’ Lodge and on noticeboards around the College. These photographs will also be featured in Front Court. We also intend to look into the possibility of releasing a calendar of images in 2016.

A number of the entries will be used on the College’s Flickr account, providing acknowledgements wherever they are used.

The rules

The rules are as follows:

1.     Photographs must be submitted by email to photocompetition@trinhall.cam.ac.uk. Video (or multiple images) can be sent using a free large file transfer service such as Wetransfer.com or Dropbox.

2.     The entrant must include the following statement in the body of the accompanying email:

"I have any relevant permission* to enter the attached photograph(s)/video in the competition and give Trinity Hall the right to publish the photograph(s)/video on its website, Flickr gallery (where they can be shared via Creative Commons) and elsewhere."

*Entrants must have obtained prior permission from any people and objects that require permission to be featured within the photographs before entering into the competition. It is the responsibility of the entrant to ensure they are compliant with ownership and copyright laws.

3.     Entrants must also provide:

  • Photo/video title
  • The filename for each image must include your crsid e.g. abb109_1, abb109_2 etc)
  • Brief description (no shorter than two sentences and no longer than two paragraphs) of the photograph/video and the story behind it, noting whether the photograph is a composite of several images or has been enhanced in any way
  • Any due acknowledgements
  • Full name, address, University email address and telephone number. Contact details will only be used for the purpose of sending information to the entrants during the competition and contacting the winners once they have been chosen.

4.     The following guidelines must be followed:


  • The photograph(s) should be of good print quality and high resolution and submitted in one of the following file formats: .jpg or .tiff,
  • There is no limit to the number of photographs that you may enter. If you are not certain whether your photograph will win or you are trying to choose between several possible entries, then please just enter them all and let the judges decide.
  • It is better to send one photo attachment per email. If you are sending multiple images, please use a service such as Wetransfer or Dropbox.
  • The image must not reflect poorly on the College or its members or bring the College into disrepute.


  • The video should not exceed 3 minutes and should capture ‘life at Trinity Hall’ where appropriate, voice over, subtitles and credits could be included.
  • You can submit your video in standard or high definition. Films made on a smart phone are equally acceptable.
  • Most file types are acceptable however we would prefer: .avi, .mov, .wmv or .mp4.
  • Please use a service such as We transfer or Dropbox to send us your video.
  • The video must not reflect poorly on the College or its members or bring the College into disrepute.

In advance of the judging, we will invite College Alumni to vote online for the ‘Alumni choice’ award for their favourite image, the winner of which will receive an Amazon gift voucher.

Once the winners have been selected, there will be a prize-giving ceremony which will include an exhibition of the best images from the competition. It is hoped that this will take place early next year following the close of the competition at 5pm onSunday 20th September.

We look forward to seeing your submissions!

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