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Bike Policy

The aims of this policy are threefold:
a) To ensure all bicycles belonging to Trinity Hall members are properly registered.
b) To ensure all bicycles stored on College grounds are secure.
c) To ensure all bicycles are kept in identified storage locations only.

1. Registration

i) Students

All bicycles brought into College must be registered on the college bicycle registration database, either by new students at the start of their first year or current students either acquiring or changing their existing bike. For new students, bikes must be registered at the Central Site Porter's Lodge within 2 weeks of your arrival at the beginning of an academic year. If a student acquires or replaces a bike during an academic year, your new bike must be registered within 2 days of bringing it into College. Each student is only allowed to have one bike at any one time unless you are a member of a cycling team and require an additional bike for racing purposes. When you register, your bike will be marked with an H for Trinity Hall, your year of matriculation, a U, G  (P for post Docs) for member type and your student account number for ease of reference. This identification number must be clearly visible at all times. Previous Undergraduates who continue Post Graduate studies must re-register their bikes as the registration number will change.

ii) Fellows and Staff

All bicycles brought into College must be registered with the College, either because you are a resident in accommodation, you leave a bike on College property for College travel or you cycle to College and leave a bike in College during your hours of work. Your bike must be registered at the Central Site Porter's Lodge within 2 weeks of starting at the College or 2 days if acquired during the academic year. Each resident / employee of the College is only allowed to have one bike at any one time. A Fellow or staff member will receive a coloured numbered tag which needs to be attached to the handlebars of your bike for ease of identification. This will be used to identify that your bike belongs to a member of staff or a Fellow. The number of your tag will be recorded at the Porter's Lodge and retained for the College records as to be able to identify your bike in the future.

2. Storage and Security

All bikes must be stored in cycle racks only. These designated areas operate on a first come, first serve basis. If you are unable to locate a cycle rack within College, you will need to secure your bike outside of College grounds.

i) Any bike left outside of a designated cycle rack will be reported to the Head Porter and an email sent to advise you where your bike was found. You may also find a note attached to your bike stating that it has been found in a non-cycle storage area and needs to be moved. You will have 1 week to remove your bike before it is removed by College staff. A note of the warning will be placed against your registration record file. If you receive two warnings within an academic year, any further reports may mean your bike is removed from College. Should your identification number not be clearly visible the College has the right to remove
your bicycle as per item 3.i.

ii) Bikes are not allowed under any circumstances to be stored in College accommodation. If it is reported that bikes are being kept in accommodation you will be asked to move it immediately. The surrounding area will then be assessed and you may be charged for any damage considered caused by your actions.

iii) At the end of the academic year, all students finishing their studies at Trinity Hall, must remove their bikes from College. For Undergraduates, this will mean removal by the first Saturday after Graduation. For graduates, fellows and students, this will mean removal no later than 7 days after you leave the College. If you are continuing your studies as a graduate after registering your bike as an undergraduate, you will need to re-register so that an appropriate reference is put on your bike.

3. Bicycle Culls

The College will endeavour to provide as many bike racks as it practically can to meet the demand for spaces. This will not always be possible and to ensure racks are not taken up with redundant or unregistered bikes, the College will undertake the following.

i) At the end of each term during the subsequent vacation, the Head Porter will arrange a bike cull. The purpose of the cull will be to remove bikes that are either no longer in use, not registered or the registration markings are not clearly visible or is registered to a student or staff member who has left college.


ii) In advance of the cull, the Head Porter will email all fellows, students and staff making them aware of the dates between which the cull will take place and advising that all bikes will be inspected and compared against details on the college’s Bicycle Registration database.. A warning will be included that any bikes not registered and/or clearly marked may be earmarked for removal & disposal.


iii) Within the dates identified in the email, the College will check to see whether the bike has been registered and/or clearly marked. If it hasn't, the College team will remove the bike from College grounds and dispose of it in the most economical way, which may include selling it on. This may require cutting of locks to free the bike from College property. The College does not accept any liability for any loss as long as the College has followed its procedures detailed above. Any bicycles removed as part of this process will be retained for a reasonable period to allow owners to reclaim & register them as required by this policy.

4. Further Points

i) All bikes must be removed from North Court for the June Event. Owners of bikes kept in North Court are required to follow the advice of the Head Porter issued prior to the June Event taking place.

ii) Students who will be abroad for the following academic year must remove their bike from College grounds. If your bike remains on College grounds during your year abroad, it may be removed as stated under 3.iii.

ii) Under point 1.i, it is made clear that bikes must not be stored in College accommodation. The College has therefore put in place a storage facility for students who are members of the University Cycling Club (or similar) and who also own an expensive bike. The College has allocated a garage at Wychfield for limited cycle storage which will be charged out at £10 a term per bike. The garage will be locked at all times with a key, only accessible to those that store bikes in the garage. This is the only reason the College consider bringing an expensive bike to College is justified. For further details, please contact the Head Porter for a registration form.

iv) Bicycles left in positions where obstruction can be caused to stairwells, doorways, fire escapes, & reasonable natural lines of passage between two points may be removed or re-positioned without notice. Likewise bicycles left in positions where damage may be caused to shrubs, trees fences or building structures may be removed or re-positioned without notice.


Who to contact

Sheila Hunter

PA to the Bursar
t: 01223 (3)32531

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