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Alumni Networks

Alumni & Development Office

The Alumni & Development Office are responsible for arranging events and publications for former members of the College, but can also help current students. The members of the office can put students in touch with alumni for careers advice or can help with inviting alumni back to events. We have over 8,000 alumni spread across the world. The Alumni & Development Office is also responsible for fundraising – support from alumni enables the College to offer financial support to students and refurbish College rooms. 

The alumni careers directory

The office is responsible for the College’s career network which comprises an online careers directory (where students can search for alumni to ask for careers advice), an online “what it means to work in” guide and the annual careers seminar.  Alumni are asked if they are willing to offer careers advice to studnets. Those that have signed up cna be found via our alumni directory www.THalumni.net Alternatively we can forward on messages to alumni in certain fields asking for advice. Contact careers@trinhall.cam.ac.uk

Trinity Hall Association

The Trinity Hall Association (THA) is the College’s organisation for alumni (former students).  It arranges regional events around the UK, an annual dinner in College and an event in London every two years.  Its aim is to help keep members in touch with each other.  Every Trinity Hall student who matriculates becomes a member of the Association.  Membership is free.  The THA also offers grants, the THA awards, for students undertaking humanitarian projects in the UK or overseas over the Long Vacation. 

For more information: http://www.trinhall.cam.ac.uk/alumni/associations/trinity-hall-association/

Trinity Hall Entrepreneurs Network

We are developing an entrepreneurs network to encourage enterprise amongst students and recent graduates.

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